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DBT for Eating Disorders

DBT has found to be an effective treatment those struggling with eating disorders, specifically for those struggling with binging and purging, bulimia nervosa. When targeted, these behaviors have been proven to decrease with DBT treatment.

Bulimia nervosa is characterized by recurrent and frequent episodes of eating unusually large amounts of food (e.g., binge-eating), and feeling a lack of control over the eating. This binge-eating is followed by a type of behavior that compensates for the binge, such as purging (e.g., vomiting, excessive use of laxatives or diuretics), fasting and/or excessive exercise. Unlike anorexia nervosa, people with bulimia can fall within the normal range for their weight. But like people with anorexia, they often fear gaining weight, want desperately to lose weight, and are intensely unhappy with their body size and shape. Bulimia nervosa affects 0.3% of the adult population (NIMH).

“If you are patient and open-minded, you will see [that] it really works.”