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Marsha Linehan Videos

MARSHA LINEHAN - How She Came to Develop Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT

MARSHA LINEHAN - Borderline Personality Disorder & Stigma

MARSHA LINEHAN - Stigma & Suicidality

MARSHA LINEHAN - Risky Business: Treating Suicidal Patients

MARSHA LINEHAN - Going for a Life Worth Living

MARSHA LINEHAN - Suicide Hospitalization: Possibly Iatrogenic


MARSHA LINEHAN - Studies on Anger

MARSHA LINEHAN - Avoiding Sadness

MARSHA LINEHAN - The Value of Distraction

MARSHA LINEHAN - Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Its Attention to Escape Behaviors

MARSHA LINEHAN - oals of Therapy: Cutting and Suicide Likely Won't Get You There

MARSHA LINEHAN - How She Came to Develop Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT

MARSHA LINEHAN - Why Distress Tolerance Skills Are Necessary

MARSHA LINEHAN - Distress Tolerance For Both Therapist & Patient

MARSHA LINEHAN - How She Learned Radical Acceptance

MARSHA LINEHAN - The Ongoing Battle for Evidence-Based Treatment

MARSHA LINEHAN - Why So Few Talented Therapists Treat Clients with Challenging Disorders

MARSHA LINEHAN - The Consistent Performance of Dialectical Behavior Therapy

MARSHA LINEHAN - The Battle for Certification

Mindfulness: The First Skills Module Taught in DBT

MARSHA LINEHAN - Distress Tolerance: Crisis Survival, Radical Acceptance, and Addiction Skills

MARSHA LINEHAN - Interpersonal Effectiveness

MARSHA LINEHAN - Strategies for Emotion Regulation

MARSHA LINEHAN - The Function of Emotions

MARSHA LINEHAN - The Need for a Relationship of Equality Between Therapist and Client


MARSHA LINEHAN - The Purpose of Diagnosis: Treatment

Spreading Awareness About Borderline Personality Disorder

Treating PTSD in suicidal and self-injuring clients with BPD - Melanie Harned, PhD

These resources are for additional information only. They are in no way intended to replace formal comprehensive DBT treatment.

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