DBT- Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Program™


How long is treatment?

When people first come to treatment we initially require a six-month commitment. It takes us 24 weeks (six-months) to deliver all the skills a single time. Most people choose to participate in a second round of group, to more fully integrate the skills into their lives.

As a participant approaches the initial six-month mark, we will assess what stage of treatment they are in (dependent on the severity of symptoms). When members are in Stage 1, they participate in group. Once a person is through Stage 2 (if doing prolonged exposure therapy), they may transition to individual therapy alone.

Treatment continues as long as the individual has specific and concrete goals in which to work. Once these goals have been achieved, we work toward ending treatment. We are not an ongoing treatment modality. If the individual wants ongoing support, we will refer to a different type of therapy, such as psychodynamic.

“Since finishing Awake DBT, life has gotten more stressful for me, but I have the tools and confidence in myself to get through them and am exponentially happier for it.”