DBT- Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Program™


What credentials should I look for in finding a DBT therapist?

It is essential that you find a therapist who has been expertly trained in DBT.

The DBT board has recently implemented certification for therapists to ensure that DBT treatment is provided as was designed. Our team lead is certified by the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, and all members of our team are in the process. We strongly encourage you find a program with DBT-Linehan Board Certified therapists.

As well, the premier training organization for DBT is Behavioral Tech, LLC. We recommend you find a DBT therapist that has this training, at a bare minimum. Our team lead participated in the intensive six-month training with Marsha Linehan herself, the creator of DBT. The remaining team members have also been trained in DBT by Behavioral Tech.

“Since finishing Awake DBT, life has gotten more stressful for me, but I have the tools and confidence in myself to get through them and am exponentially happier for it.”