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Aspire - El Camino Hospital (Feb. 2019)

Awake DBT’s Multi-Family team presented to El Camino Hospital’s Aspire Team. Our seasoned adolescent and young adult clinicians provided trainings to their staff on DBT Commitment Strategies. We provided an overview as well as modeled a role play and facilitated an experiential practice.

PAMF (Palo Alto Medical Foundation) (Aug. 2016)

Awake DBT presented to the clinical team at PAMF. Our team provided a research overview of DBT and the many types of populations that DBT has proven to effectively treat.

El Camino Hospital (Mar. 2016; Feb 2017)

Awake DBT presented to El Camino Hospital staff two trainings on behavioral assessments. Our team provided an overview on DBT and facilitated an experiential practice in conducting both behavior chain analysis and solution analysis.

Aspire Program - El Camino Hospital (Nov. 2016)

Awake DBT presented Validation and Change Strategies to the Aspire Team. Our team provided an overview of core theories and the primary dialectic in DBT, and facilitated an experiential practice in the various levels of validation.

Spotlight Networking Group (Mar. 2017)

Awake DBT co-owners presented an overview of DBT treatment for Mental Health Awareness Month. Included were experiential practices for each of the four modules. We presented just after Dr. Manuj Nangia’s talk of Mental Health Treatment from a psychiatrist’s perspective.

Process Therapy Institute - Brown Bag Lunch (June 2018)

Founders of Awake DBT presented “DBT Skills for Every Therapist” and led various experiential exercises in Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness.

Community Psychiatry (Feb. 2016)

Two of our senior team leaders presented an overview of DBT treatment to the team of psychiatrists.

Department of Managed Health Care (Mar. 2018)

Facilitated dialog between the CA-DBT: The California Alliance of DBT Professionals and the Dept. of Managed Health Care. Shared about our treatment and the struggles with reimbursement from payors in California. Held presentation at the Awake DBT Offices. Members of the DBT-Linehan Board were present online to offer their support and background to our treatment.

Good Samaritan Hospital (Aug. 2016)

Awake DBT co-owners presented an overview of DBT treatment for the outpatient staff at Good Samaritan Hospital. Shared benefits of treatment and answered questions of how their patients could step down to DBT treatment as their discharge plan.