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Renee Sanguinetti, MFT

Renee Sanguinetti

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Renee is CEO/President and co-founder of Awake DBT, Inc. In 2018, she founded “CA-DBT: The California Alliance of DBT Professionals” for full-fidelity DBT programs pursuing certification by the Linehan Board. In 2016, Renee became one of the first DBT-Linehan Board of Certification certified DBT clinicians. She is one of three certified clinicians in the South Bay Area. She completed her initial intensive DBT training in 2009, which was led by the creator and founder of DBT, Marsha Linehan and author and DBT expert, Dr. Shari Manning. Renee is spearheading DBT Program Certification for Awake DBT with the Linehan Board and receives support from the board in her efforts to educate California Insurance Payors of the efficacy and cost savings of DBT treatment. Renee continues her education and receives ongoing DBT consultation with Dr. Shari Manning. Renee received her intensive training in the DBT PE (Prolonged Exposure) Protocol for PTSD in 2018. Renee is a licensed marriage and family therapist (MFT).

With over fifteen years of experience, Renee has successfully treated adults, families, and children with varying degrees of mental health issues, through her work at Momentum for Mental Health and Bill Wilson Center. This was prior to initiating her private practice in 2009. Renee received her master's degree in counseling psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP, now called Sophia Institute).