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Awake DBT is Program Certified by the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification www.dbt-lbc.com. It is the first program in Northern California to be Certified, and the fifteenth program across the country to acheive this high honor.

The awarding of DBT-LBC Program Certification indicates that the program has the structure and practices consistent with the delivery of a comprehensive implementation of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. It has undergone an extensive review that consists of scoring of responses to a Program Fidelity Scale questionnaire, program document and file review to see the structure of the DBT program, interviews with treatment providers and clients, and on-site observations of the DBT program practices in action.

Certified Programs have demonstrated that they have the capacity and intent to provide Dialectical Behavior Therapy adherently. The goal of Program Certification is to support and encourage a proliferation of DBT programs providing adherent treatment worldwide. Importantly, it provides a ‘roadmap’ for programs to follow, highlighting critical elements that should be present in every DBT program.