DBT- Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Program™


We specialize in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. DBT is a comprehensive treatment program that is individualized to help you with the specific struggles you face. DBT very simply helps people change their lives for the better.

Wake up to your life.

During this challenging time when we all have been asked to “shelter in place” due to the COVID 19 virus, Awake DBT is pleased to announce that we are providing telehealth services to better support our community.

We are committed to providing outstanding Linehan Board Certified DBT comprehensive services. As an alternative to face-to-face counseling, we provide HIPAA compliant Telehealth sessions. This includes initial assessments, individual sessions, skills group and DBT art therapy. We also provide multifamily groups to serve the needs of teens and their parents.

We are serving under the state of California and follow the ethics and guidelines of the California licensing board.

We are open and taking referrals for telehealth services. In order to receive telehealth services, please contact us at (408) 479-4632.